Connection Details

Mining Pool Address:
Static Difficulty Support: Use "TRTL_WALLET_ADDRESS+WORKER_NAME.STATIC_DIFF" as your user in your miner config. (min. Difficulty 50000)
PaymentID Support: Use "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS-PAYMENTID" as your user or password(MergedMining) in your mining config.

Mining Ports

Starting Difficulty:

Need a wallet?

TurtleCoin Nest Wallet
TurtleCoin Web Wallet(invite needed, join Discord to get it)

Mining Apps

App Name Architecture Downloads
XMR-Stak (by fireice_uk) CPU / GPU Download
Run xmr-stak.exe and answer the questions. After that you may also edit config.txt / nvidia.txt / amd.txt depending on your system to optimize your hashrate.

Please enter:
Currency: turtlecoin
Pool address: e.g.
Username (wallet address or pool login): YOUR_TRTL_WALLET_ADDRESS+WORKER_NAME
Password (mostly empty or x):
Does this pool port support TLS/SSL? Use no if unknown. (y/n): N
Do you want to use nicehash on this pool? (y/n): N
Do you want to use multiple pools? (y/n): N
XMRig CPU Download
XMRig-amd OpenCL(AMD) Download
XMRig-nvidia CUDA(Nvidia) Download
Edit in the fileconfig.json the following settings:

"algo": "cryptonight-turtle",
"url": "",